Avocado Prawn Cocktail

La Saucy Salsa Avocado and Prawns


This is such a simple recipe, but it’s bursting with gorgeously fresh flavours – making it just the thing to whip up for lunch on a hot summer’s day when you don’t feel like spending too long in the kitchen. La Saucy Salsa Paprika adds the perfect little warming twist to creamy prawn cocktail, and serving it up in an avocado bowl makes this dish pretty enough to serve to guests – it would make a great starter for a dinner party, too.


150g cooked king prawns

2 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp tomato puree

1 tbsp La Saucy Salsa Paprika

1 lemon for juice & zest

Freshly-ground black pepper

1 large ripe avocado

Fresh coriander

A big handful of fresh rocket

Serves 2

First, make up the marie rose sauce – mix together the mayonnaise, tomato puree, La Saucy Salsa Paprika, and a good squeeze of lemon juice, then season with freshly-ground black pepper.

Set a few prawns aside to decorate, and mix the rest through the marie rose sauce. 

Peel the avocado, cut in half and remove the stone, leaving a hole in each half. Use a spoon to hollow out each hole a little more, then fill with the prawns in marie rose sauce. 

Top with the reserved prawns, and sprinkle with fresh coriander and a little lemon zest. Serve each avocado half on a bed of fresh rocket.