The story behind the sauces

How does a girl from West Sussex know so much about salsa sauces? Well… it’s in my blood!

In 1969 my mum (Mercedez) moved to England from Andalusia in Spain. A year later, My dad (Clemente) arrived from Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

While they were both living in a vibrant Spanish community in Chichester they met, fell in love and married. Not long after that I came along. I’m Rosie!

Growing up, meal times were traditionally Spanish events – family, laughter and lots of great food. My auntie Conchita, who had followed my father over from the Canary Islands, would indulge us with feasts of either ‘chuletas y papas’ or ‘papas con carne’ drizzled with traditional salsa sauces made to her own Island recipes (because salsa sauces are enjoyed on the Canaries drizzled over the main meal.) Whereas, mum made salsa sauces with Andalusian passion from her upbringing in Spain (where they are used as a dip for fresh bread and tapas).

Somewhere along the way, the sauces became a fusion of ideas – the best of Conchita and mum - and from the recipes handed-down to me, La Saucy Salsa was born!

My dad was very influential too. He was in catering for 40 years and for a while had his own restaurant in the UK, the Bellapaiz, where on Spanish nights mum did the cooking. It helped me believe I could turn my passion for these recipes into a business. I knew they were special, bringing together great ideas like good food brings families together.

My jars of La Saucy Salsa combine two culinary styles…

Spanish salsa sauces were influenced by the Moorish conquest when spices such as paprika and cumin were introduced. Traditional Canary Islands recipes date back to the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century with herbs such as parsley and coriander - but later evolved as migrants returning from Central and South America brought other ideas back with them, using garlic and chillies.

Now you know the story… every time you open a jar of La Saucy Salsa, please think about the hundreds of years of tradition and say a little thank you to my mum and auntie Conchita.

Viva La Saucy Salsa!
Rosie Alvarez